Social Meetups

Hang with fellow anime fans! We host meetups, movie outings, parties, and much more.


Monthly Mixers

First Thursdays at 7pm

Our Mixers offer fans a place to simply hang out, meet others, and discuss all things Japan. We wrap by 9pm though many stay longer.


Convention Gatherings

Based on convention schedules

Conventions are better with AnimeChicago members! Join us for meetups at Anime Central, C2E2, and other regional shows throughout the year.


Movies, Dining, Festivals!

Whenever there’s interest

We attend screenings, performances, dining experiences, and cultural events. AnimeChicagoans always have a buddy to hang with.

Common Questions

What’s your Covid policy?

We moved most of our discussion meetups to Discord. You must be a member of our group to gain access to our server.

Where do you typically meet?

Our preferred venues are within Chicago’s city limits, mostly in the Lakeview or Bucktown area. We select venues that are relaxed and budget-friendly, with CTA access, ample parking, and pedestrian-friendly streets. We generally switch between well-known establishments and newly-opened shops. Some events are hosted at private co-working spaces while others happen at restaurants, bars, and cafes where things are more organic.

We frequently meet at venues that serve alcohol. We balance that out with events at cafes and libraries to the best of our ability.

How often do you watch anime?

We watch anime every three months at Anime Samplers and occasional movie outings. The rest of our events are focused on discussion and socializing with members.

Is AnimeChicago a convention?

No, we organize local meetups. Sometimes we’ll host an academic talk. But we love attending, promoting, and hosting panels and meetups at our favorite local conventions!

Who can join?

Meetup requires account holders be 18 years or older. Many of our members are in their 20s or 30s. Our content or activities aren’t suitable for minors.

Can I bring my kids? Can I bring guests?

Public events like movie screenings, museum exhibits, and convention outings may be suitable, but we do not allow anyone younger than 18 years old at our monthly events. We do not offer programming for kids or teens at this time.

Your guests are welcome to attend Mixers and public events like Movie Screenings. Other events have limited seating, so please do not bring guests. Invite them to sign up for a free membership at to guarantee a seat for them.

How do I prepare for an event?
  • Read the event description!
  • Bring cash to cover entry, meals, or other needs.
  • Prepare to socialize.
  • Update your RSVP!
What is your RSVP Policy?

Please update your RSVP as soon as possible, if you cannot attend an event. Having an exact headcount makes it select the right location and reserve the proper number of seats. We have a “Three Strikes” policy to prevent vacant seats at our events.