Join us at over 8 events, every month!

Whether you’d like to discover new anime titles, debate subs vs dubs, or meet new people — we’ve got an event for you!


Academic Talks

Low-key presentations exploring Japanese pop culture at conventions and local venues.

  • Symposium Series
  • Convention Panels
  • Festival Booths

Anime Curation

Small group meetups for anime, manga, and more. No experience required.

  • Anime Samplers
  • Anime Advice Bot
  • Online Guides
Murakami Exhibit

Art Initiatives

A hangout for creative collaboration and skill improvement. Meets every Wednesday.

  • Art Circle
  • Museum Outings
  • Art Anthology
Round Table Meeting: Wings of Honneamise

Discussion Circles

Small group meetups for anime, manga, and more. No experience required.

  • Anime Circle
  • Manga Circle
  • Art Circle
Member Mixer at Dovetail

Social Meetups

Hang with fellow anime fans! We host informal meetups, movie outings, parties, and much more.

  • Monthly Mixers
  • Convention Gatherings
  • Movies, Dining, Festivals!

Signal Boosts

We collaborate with many local organizations, and help promote the great things they’re doing. Here’s what we can offer, and more details are TBA.

  • Promotion to our Community
  • Publishing articles and interviews
  • Collaborations and Sponsorships

About our Meetups

Anime Samplers

Join AnimeChicago as we watch first episodes of the upcoming anime season! It’s a theater, potluck, and social rolled into one. This event is suitable for both new and regular members with any level of anime knowledge or experience. The hope is that you leave with at least one new anime to watch.

  • Please follow standard theater etiquette to minimize disruptions.
  • Guests are not invited to this event due to limited seating.
  • Arrive and depart at your convenience.
  • Bring homemade food or purchase some snacks.
  • Leave a comment on the event if you’re bringing food.
  • We supplies plates, napkins, cups, and utensils.
  • Skip the chips and candy – we get too much of that.
  • Beer and cider is okay, and we reserve the right to card our attendees.
Discussion Circles

We have three small-format discussion groups: Anime Circle, Manga Circle, and Art Circle.

Anime Circle (3rd Sundays) and Manga Circle (2nd Sundays) are small-group conversations suitable for any level of knowledge or experience. No prior experience necessary! They function like traditional book clubs. Watch or read the selected title before we meet, then participate in the conversation. The best discussions usually happen with 4–14 people in the room. The moderator brakes the ice, guides the conversation, and helps newcomers get comfortable with the group. We discuss all types of discussion-worthy works in all categories and also reflect on the work’s production history, cultural relevance, and acclaim.

Art Circle is a weekly gathering where artists of all skill levels and avid learners are welcome to meet, discuss, and draw together. We focus on anime and anime-inspired works, but a completely open to anything you’re willing to share. We may cover broad topics such as color and figure drawing. Bring your favorite sketchbook, art materials and any pieces you’d like to share. Paper, pencils and other materials will be available for all to use. Everyone is welcome, even if you just want to observe.

Deep Dives

Watch some undiscovered or forgotten gems with us on our Discord server! Happens every Tuesday evening.

Social Meetups

These events are perfect for new members since there’s nothing you need to do before joining us. We have something for everyone at a variety of times during the week.

Member Mixers (1st Thursdays) are a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself, meet the team, and chat with members. You’ll likely walk away with one new anime recommendation by the end of the night!

Informal Outings happen in a non-Covid world. We attend anime films in theaters, culturally-significant festivals and art shows, concerts featuring Japanese guests, and other events related to Japanese pop culture.

We attend two local conventions: Anime Central and C2E2. Members are invited to attend our panels, at-con meetups, and other collaborations we’re involved with over the weekend. We can also publicize your panel if you want! Join us on Discord for real-time updates and plans during convention outings.