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Discover our Scene

We’re 10-year veterans to Chicago's anime underground, and we're excited to share our knowledge with you. Check out upcoming events and resource links below.

Kimono to Kawaii

Japanese Culture Center

“Join the Japanese Arts Foundation, and the Japanese Culture Center – 日本文化会館 to experience Japanese fashion, aesthetics, and design up-close and personal! Enjoy the ensembles and insights of the Chicago Japanese fashion community as they highlight their individual attire, and share the history of the designs they perpetuate through their passion. Some choose to make their own clothing or accessories, and others encourage the growth of local fashion-centric communities!”

Close Knit

Siskel Film Center

“As the story begins, 11-year-old Tomo (Rinka Kakihara) is living with her negligent mom (single-named Mimura), who feeds her on convenience-store rice balls and vanishes for days at a time. Finally reaching her limit, the plucky girl finds refuge with her uncle Makio (Kenta Kiritani), a nerdy, good-hearted guy who is her mom’s younger brother. But Makio now has a live-in girlfriend, Rinko (Toma Ikuta), who Tomo immediately sizes up as different. And Rinko soon tells her why: “I was born a boy,” she says. “God made a mistake.”

Colors of Wind

AMC River East 21

“Ryo’s girlfriend who named Yuri told him that she has a doppelganger in Hokkaido before she past away. Later, Ryo discovers he has a doppelganger himself in Hokkaido, his name is Ryu. Ryu, a magician who died during a magic trick one year ago. Ryo travels to Hokkaido to find things out and gets messed up with Ryu by Aya, who looks like Yuki. Aya is so happy that Ryu comes back to her, but she doesn’t realize that he is Ryo. Ryo gets to decide either stay with Aya as Ryu, nor leave her to live as himself.”

C2E2 2018

McCormick Place

“The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – also known as C2E2 – is a comic book and pop culture convention spanning the latest and greatest from the world of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. From a Show Floor packed with hundreds of Exhibitors and Artist Alley members, to Panels, Autograph Sessions and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at upcoming films and television shows, C2E2 gives Fans a chance to interact with their favorite Creators and Celebrities and delivers a weekend of pop culture and fandom in downtown Chicago.”