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Join us on Discord!

Our Discord Server is free to all AnimeChicago members registered at To protect our community, everyone must be approved by a moderator. Verification grants you access to discussion and audio channels. Follow the directions below.

Getting Started

Step 1: Install Software
Add the Discord app to your desktop and/or mobile device. Follow these instructions.

Step 2: Create your Discord Account
Use this registration link and then verify your account by clicking on the link they send to your email account.

Step 3: Join our Server
Click on this invitation link to join our Discord server.

Step 4: Get Verified!!!
Post to the #introductions channel and include:
1. Your real name
2. The link to your profile e.g.
3. Your brief welcome message

Next-Level Etiquette

Enable Push-to-Talk
Prevent distracting background noise by enabling this feature.

Test your A/V Setup
Confirm your audio setup is working properly with the Mic Test tool. Try these audio tips if you’re having difficulty connecting. Learn more about screen sharing and video calls (Mods or DMs only, respectively) so you can join online events without issue.

Use Direct Messages for Private Chat
Our server is set to send notifications for every message posted. Be kind and move one-on-one conversations to a Direct Message so members aren’t overwhelmed.

Request New Channels
If a topic warrants a new channel, post a question in #polls. “Can we get a ____ channel for ____? Who’s with me?” Once your vote has 10+ interested people, a mod will create the new channel.


By joining, you agree to uphold our community guidelines.

  • Be respectful, welcoming, and inclusive. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Keep the conversation SFW, unless otherwise permitted in a specific channel.
  • No spam or advertising. Ask a moderator if you can promote something important to you.
  • Violators can be banned anytime, at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Report any violation of these policies ASAP to one moderator via DM. We’ll maintain anonymity, when possible.

Technical Challenges?

We’re offering one-on-one support for members. Ping us if you need assistance.