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10 Years and Counting

AnimeChicago is more than an anime club; it’s a community nexus for all things Japan. We host local events so fans can learn more about their areas of interest, and about each other. We keep the discussion going on our website with interviews, reviews, and local news.

Our organization began in 2006 as a humble website to connect Chicago’s fans. Six years later, we created the social club after much demand. Today, we’re a registered non-profit corporation in the State of Illinois!

Our team meets every Sunday evening to coordinate events, advocate for community partners, and manage the organization. We review long-term goals and membership growth regularly at quarterly board meetings.

  • Nov 2006: Started a journalism project and registered the website domain.
  • May 2012: Transitioned into a real anime club, and started building a team.
  • Jan 2014: Migrated to, connecting us to new members everyday.
  • Apr 2014: Incorporated in the State of Illinois and formed organizational bylaws.
  • Nov 2016: Reached 800 members, and 90 dues-paying regulars!

Meet the Team