Recaps, analysis, and critiques of media, events, and more related to Japanese pop culture.

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    Let’s Get Trashy!

    Listen, you can’t always be on top of your game. Sometimes you just need to unwind, and while finding a high-quality beer to pair with a high-quality anime is definitely a worthy…

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    Across the Board: New Year’s 2018 Edition

    The AnimeChicago team has found their way out from under the heaps of delicious food, piles of wrapping paper, and stacks of discarded “2018” plastic glasses to look towards the new year,…

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    Across the Board: The Murakami Exhibit Edition

    Recently, members of the AnimeChicago attended the Murakami exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art as part of an Art Circle Meetup. We’ve gathered together some of our thoughts on the exhibit.…

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    Breweries x Anime Studios

    If you’ve ever been to a brewpub or a taproom, you might have noticed a sense of community that permeates the space. There is this feeling of participation in one’s neighborhood, of…

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    Anime Marathons & Session Beers

    Some anime you watch in the same way you’d enjoy a fine glass of whisky – slow, and with contemplative revenance. Other series are just so damn fun that you can’t stop…

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    Across the Board: Anime Directors

    The AnimeChicago team meets weekly and we sometimes we find ourselves in heated discussions about anime. Here’s just one of the many topics we’ve covered. (As before, we have kept the responses…