Recaps, analysis, and critiques of media, events, and more related to Japanese pop culture.

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    A Small Taste of Craft Beer in Japan – Part 1

    Ten days in Japan isn’t a lot of time, especially if you and your group are travelling to 3 different cities over that time span. You keep a tight schedule if you…

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    Tokyo’s Subways from a CTA Regular

    I’ve been riding CTA trains for over 10 years. To some, that makes me an experienced traveler and to others a mere rookie, but I believe I have experienced most of, if…

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    Dark Lord Day: The Best Non-Anime Convention

    Spring is finally here in Chicago, though some days might not feel like it, and with the change in season comes the beginning of an exciting time for any anime fan: convention…

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    Imperial Stouts: My (Beer) Love Story!!

    Valentine’s Day may have just passed and winter will probably stick around Chicago for another month or so, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of warmth and sweetness to be found,…

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    5 Great Bars in Anime

    I’m certain you have seen at least one place in an anime series or movie where you thought, to quote Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, “I want to go to there.” Be…