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    Round Table Round-Up: Paranoia Agent

    Welcome to the first ever Round Table Round-Up, where we highlight topics and ideas discussed in a recent AnimeChicago Round Table. This article covers director Satoshi Kon’s television series Paranoia Agent. As…

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    Heaven or Helles: Death Parade

    The series Death Parade centers around the lives and work of Arbiters, whose job it is to judge the recently deceased souls and determine those souls’ ultimate fate. The method that the…

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    Black & Wit: TekkonKinkreet

    For this month’s Anime Round Table, we watched Tekkonkinkreet, the tale of two orphan brothers, Kuro and Shiro, who are living on the streets of the dream-like Treasure Town whilst fighting against…

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    Cowboy Beerhop

    Welcome to our new column OTP where we combine anime with amazing things! AnimeChicago member Jeremy P. has an exquisite palette for great beer and great anime. Here are his recommendations on what you should drink while watching our January Round Table selection. Cowboy Bebop…