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Meet anime fans in Chicago

Whether you’ve been reading manga since kindergarten, or you just heard about anime yesterday, we’re excited to get to know you. Becoming a member is simple – just sign up on our Meetup page.

Membership is Free

All AnimeChicago Members receive these benefits

When many of us left school, we found ourselves searching for the close-knit community of nerds we left behind (but, you know, a little more mature). When we couldn’t find it, we made it ourselves. If that sounds like something you want, then we want you.

We occasionally discuss content inappropriate for minors, and frequently meet at venues that serve alcohol. You must be at least 18 years old to join.

Member Mixer

Zero-pressure social night. Every other month at a one of Chicago's great barcades.

Sponsor Perks

Discounts at local businesses, like sushi, manga, wigs, and more!

Chat Room

Invitation to our Facebook group.

Ticket Access

Early-bird sales for exclusive events

Attendee Dues are $12/Year

Everything Members get, plus access to these events!

Our events range from larger seminars to small discussion events to cover important topics in Japanese pop culture and promote knowledge-sharing between subcultures within the larger Chicago community. Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned veteran, these events are a great way to meet people, learn stuff, and discover new anime.

All of our events are located in the city of Chicago, accessible by CTA, and have ample street or lot parking. We charge a small yearly fee to cover our Meetup subscription and other bills.

Anime Sampler

Quarterly anime screening with a potluck, gaming, and new anime!

Round Table

Monthly book-club-style discussion group for anime, on the last Wednesday and Saturday every month.

Manga Jam

Monthly book-club-style discussion group for anime, on the last Wednesday and Saturday every month.

Light Reads

Monthly discussion group on light novels.

Art Circle

Monthly gathering of artists to practice and learn their craft.

Gaming Table

Japanese-inspired tabletop game sessions for all skill levels.

Social Outings

Lunches, film screenings, and cultural events happen at least once a month.


Our top members join us for conventions and even trips to Japan!

Learn all about us at zero cost to you with our 60-day free trial.