Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul

Divin’ N Vibin’: Tokyo Ghoul

Over the past several years, the anime community has received many new young fans, and has regained a good number of old ones. Being that I am of the latter, I can relate to many of you who came back, looked around and thought, wow, things have changed since I left. So many new anime and manga, so many dedicated fans who can go on about their new favorites down to every last detail.

It can be overwhelming, but for those of us eager to be able to chat it up with the best of them, I’m here to let you know you’re not alone. I too am trying to make my way through this vast sea of new stories and dramas, and am here to give you an idea of some of the best popular anime to watch.

HipHop style.

In this article, I’ll be giving a lyrical rundown of the first episode of one of the most talked about anime and manga series today: Tokyo Ghoul. I just recently watched this episode, and this rundown will be a way to help other newcomers test the waters of a series to see if it’s worth watching more.

Ready for some crazy rhyme styles? Ok. Here goes…