20220426 Anthology Hero


Very Very Peri

AnimeChicago proudly presents Winter 2022 Anthology: Very Very Peri, published as a digital gallery for public viewing. This Anthology theme was inspired by the 2022 Pantone Color of the Year. Each piece includes an artist’s statement that provides context into their creation. We hope you enjoy the work and consider joining us for a future Art Circle to create alongside us.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Art Circle Artists!


by Diana T

“My naming thought process was pretty easy to follow:
Veri Peri > Periwinkle > Peri-“Rinko”> “Rinko”

This color was a very dark periwinkle color that reminded me of something reminiscent of a ballerina – so I just sketched out a ballerina using a reference and I had a lot of fun with metallic and satin texturing :D But of course I still need to work a bit more on anatomy – hands are hard! Overall, it was a very fun side project :Dz”

The Space Cowboy

by Tim Swast

“I was inspired by a recent post from Rich Aucoin to make a pixel art version. His show was the first I’ve been to since the pandemic started, and it was pure joy.”


by Trey Rachal

“Blurple is a perywinkle bluish purple demon.”

All Colors

by Brett

“I only achieved 10% of my artistic vision but it’s my fault for throwing it together in a messy rush over 4 days. Oh well, art is tragic! Bang!”


by Mike Monleon

“Typical day-to-day at my job… but in VERY PERI!! :)”

Peri Song

by Jae Lu

“I composited and edited photos to use as a reference for this quick digital drawing.  The image was made on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil.”

Peri Priestess

by Robin H

“The Kingdom of Peri’s power comes from a sacred fountain hidden deep in the mountains. The Peri Priestess is a role handed down from generation to generation, from the strongest warrior to the next. Should you manage to breach the kingdom’s defenses and make your way to the fountain, she will be your final opponent.”

Peri Powerful

by Jeremy Podczerwinski

“I really wanted to do this piece in a mono-color space, but be as dynamic as possible with the values. I worked directly with the color instead of greyscale + adjustment. As for the composition, I was inspired by art used for Planeswalkers in Magic: the Gathering. They usually feature the subject in a cool, dominating pose that demand attention. I hope I captured that well.”