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    Screen Time: The Watching Habits of Anime Fans

    Eyes Peeled As diverse as the genres are that embody the anime landscape, so too are the viewing patterns of anime fans as they engage with the medium. Although technology and availability…

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    Developing Tastes: The Evolution of an Anime Fan (Part 3)

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going through the ever-changing tastes of an anime fan. Part 2, released last week, covered the majority of anime fans. In that article, I talked…

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    Developing Tastes: The Evolution of an Anime Fan (Part 2)

    Finding your anime tastes is quite the journey for any fan. Last week, I discussed the very beginnings of an anime fan. I looked at how their tastes are shaped mostly by…

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    Developing Tastes: The Evolution of an Anime Fan (Part 1)

    Finding your tastes in anime is an evolutionary process that develops over the course of many years and is the culmination of everything you’ve watched, the opinions of the people around you,…

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    Our Panels at Anime Central 2018

    For Anime Central 2018, the AnimeChicago team is bringing back some of the most popular panels from the last few years, of course with some updates and added flash! Whether you’re an…

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    What to do at ACen? AnimeChicago Members Pick Their Favorites

    Anime Central (better known as ACen) is little over a week away, so I decided to gauge people’s excitement. I talked with some AnimeChicago members at a recent mixer about their favorite…