Chicago's Anime Scene

Hello Chicago!

After 10 years of radical growth in the Japanese animation industry, we’re witnessing our fandom return to the underground from which it emerged. Despite studios rapidly dropping titles, disparaging bumps from Adult Swim, and the loss of Geneon, many fans are still eagerly waiting for the next great show and looking for people to share it with. Many clubs even hold public events in hopes of connecting with the locals, but attendance remains low. This isn’t an industry problem. Anime fans in Chicago lack a unified source of local community news.

We at aim to bridge that gap by promoting local organizations and public events in the Chicagoland area with an accurate, informative website maintained with help from the community. Take advantage of our event calendar, resource links, and conversation tools to discover more about your nearby fans. Help us out by participating in discussions, posting images, adding to our knowledge base, and promoting this site. Meet some interesting people and share some stories. Own a part of your community. Let’s make it thrive!