Citrus Chicken Shio
Citrus Chicken Shio

Furious Spoon

Boasting three locations in the city of Chicago and creating lots of buzz with two successful Kickstarters, Furious Spoon capitalizes on the Ramen craze. With locations in Logan Square and Wicker Park and an outpost in the Financial district’s Revival Food Hall, Furious Spoon is one of the largest ramen restaurants the city. I last visited at the tail end of Summer 2016. I met with some friends in the area for a birthday gathering and the birthday boy wanted some ramen. We got in, managed to snag a few seats, grabbed drinks, and then I ordered this bad boy.

This is their Citrus Chicken Shio Ramen, which seemed fitting for a summer bowl of ramen. I ordered it with the recommended ingredients – roasted garlic, furious sauce and corn. As you can see, the bowl reflected the brightness of summer and was presented beautifully.

My Review

Unfortunately, after taking a few slurps of my ramen, I was slightly bummed out. Everything worked wonderfully together, the garlic, the egg, the chicken, but one of the main staples of a ramen dish was off – the noodles. Even with the additional ingredients, you couldn’t hide the fact that the noodles didn’t complement the rest of the bowl.

The noodle consistency was really wrong. Everything from the noodle texture to the way they retained the ramen broth flavor, wasn’t quite right. As a result, it made for a bowl that felt really subpar. I managed to finish the entire bowl and it was just satisfactory. Most of all, it made me feel like they missed an opportunity to make truly memorable ramen. Maybe it’s just me but I really didn’t like their style of noodle. I think that the bowl could have benefitted from a thicker, wavy style of noodle rather than the straight noodle that came with it. A change in noodles could have taken this bowl from good to great.

Despite some problems, it still hasn’t dissuaded me from checking out what Furious Spoon is doing in the city. With multiple locations and even a Pilsen spot popping up soon, it’s very nice to see this cuisine taking off in the right direction. The next time I go back to Furious Spoon, I’ll be sure to ask my server what’s the best bowl they’ve got on the menu and work my way up from there.

Rating: Decent Bowl

PRO – Elegant Presentation.
CON – Noodles are lackluster.

Citrus Chicken Shio Ramen