Fall 2021 Anthology Favorite Anime


Your Favorite Anime

AnimeChicago proudly presents Fall 2021 Anthology: Your Favorite Anime published as a digital gallery for public viewing. Each piece includes an artist’s statement that provides context into their creation. We hope you enjoy the work and consider joining us for a future Art Circle to create alongside us.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Art Circle Artists!

Gundam Cap

by Justin

“3D printable gundam Cap / gundam girl inspired Gp01”

Thrice Upon an Ending

by Jeremy Podczerwinski

“With this piece, I wanted to capture all three brilliant endings of Evangelion – the TV series, End of Evangelion and 3.0 + 1.0. For fans of the show, the endings for EoE and 3.0 + 1.0 are obvious. To represent the TV ending, I tried to capture the sketchy feel of certain scenes. I don’t think I quite got there, but I learned a lot. I do however, love the composition, with its call-outs to classical paintings in terms of structure, while at the same time remaining surreal, similar to the use of classical music in Evangelion.”

Pui Pui On Ice

by Jae Lu

“I’ve seen the anime Yuri On Ice many times and I loved the stop-motion show Pui Pui Molcar. Here is Molcar Yuri Katsuki, performing the first part of his exhibition skate, the Duetto version of Stammi Vicino. This could also be interpreted as Molcar Potato doing a very dedicated cosplay of Yuri Katsuki’s Duetto costume.”

Eren and Armin

by Mike G

“The cost and beauty of freedom.”

Vash faces off with Gofsef

by Tim Swast

“The space western Trigun was one of the first anime series I’ve watched, and it remains a favorite. Vash has good intentions, but is often caught in troublesome situations. Somehow he finds a way to do the right thing amidst that trouble.”


by Robin H

“The competition in the anime world is fierce, but Gintama has consistently remained at the top of my list for years now. It’s a mix of comedy, parody, and the occasional slightly serious shonen arc thrown in. I’ve always wanted to do some fan art for it, so this was a great opportunity!”

Best Protag

by Mike Monleon

“Master tactician. Advocate of gender equality. Owner of your pantsu.

Satou Kazuma, the true role model we need, but don’t deserve.”

Friendly Hallows from Hueco Mundo – Angel Mode

by Trey Rachal

“I drew my own angelic versions of the friendly hallows from Hueco Mundo of one of my favorite anime known as Bleach”