Con Food Feature
Con Food Feature

Con Food Strategy Guide

With convention season getting into top gear, we at AnimeChicago would like to offer some advice on one of the biggest hangups that many con-goers overlook – food. As such, we’ve provided a handy strategy guide to ease your worries and streamline your choices.

The Baller

Strategy: Enjoy all the fine dining and expensive food in and around the hotel. Since many con goers are either under 21 or already getting fleeced at the dealer’s room, you can put all your money into nice, quiet lunches or dinners.

Pros: Usually no lines and a good break from the insanity of the convention floor.

Cons: Either you have some serious disposable income or that plushie you wanted in the dealer’s room will have to wait another day. Additionally, you will probably have like thirty non con-goers asking you about all the “weird costumes” outside.

The Order-er

Strategy: Sometimes a bit cheaper than the baller, the Order-er strategy involves getting food delivered right to your hotel room. Enjoy the luxury of eating a pizza in bed!

Pros: No lines, at all! Eat in private, with a table and everything!

Cons: The hotel lobby is swamped, and trying to coordinate meeting up with the delivery person is a trial in and of itself. Plus, you have to have cash on hand in most situations, including tip.

The Scrimper

Strategy: Fast food is the place to be with the scrimper. Just get whatever the cheapest to-go options are nearby. Gotta get those overpriced Sailor Moon figures.

Pros: Saving that money.

Cons: Just like the panel you missed out on, the fast food lines are going to be massive, which cuts into convention time. Also, your nutrition is probably going to go out the window for the weekend.

The Maker

Strategy: The maker takes responsibility for eating directly into their own hands by bringing everything they need for the weekend with them.

Pros: Probably even cheaper than the scrimper, potentially more nutritious too.

Cons: Depending on what your meal plan looks like, you might be stuck lugging tons of ingredients, utensils, and even huge cooking appliances to the convention. Additionally, you might lose even more time due to preparation.

The Snacker

Strategy: Sorta like the maker, but skips the long cooking process in favor of things like trail mix and bags of chips.

Pros: Super cheap, no wasting time in any lines or anything else.

Cons: You’re really going to miss a hearty meal and be feeling it come Sunday. Plus, most quick snacks aren’t the best health-wise. If you can eat like a squirrel for a weekend, more power to you.

The Moocher

Strategy: You try to beg, borrow and steal every piece of food you can, whenever you can.

Pros: Potentially free.

Cons: You might hit a dry spell and your stomach will punish you for it. Otherwise, you’ll probably end up being known as “that person” if you do this long enough.

The Faster

Strategy: You could just not eat for 3 days straight.

Pros: Free! No time wasted!

Con: You’ll probably pass out face first into an artist alley booth. Seriously, get some food every once in awhile. Hydrate, too.


So, which strategy are you? Let us know this coming weekend at Anime Central!

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