Two Worlds Meet: AnimeWorld and Wizard World Merger

AnimeWorld to Merge with Wizard World

Big announcement posted on the AnimeWorld Insider blog earlier this month: AnimeWorld Expos is joining forces with Wizard World to offer a range of anime-related events, guests and panels at the veteran comic and pop-culture convention. AnimeWorld Chicago premiered two years ago in August of 2011. The team quickly established a second convention in Indianapolis and had grand plans to expand to other Midwest cities. This collaboration with Wizard World seems to be the break they were looking for!

What does this mean for AW Chicago fans? Well, if you’re all about general geeky conventions with bigger guests and more foot traffic, then this might be up your alley. But for those of us who enjoy the small 24-hour con with room parties and anime-focused agendas, then you may be disappointed by this merger.

Don’t fret. We still have plenty of Chicagoland anime cons and fan events going on. View our City Guide to discover them all!