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Website Upgrades

Summer Wars: Computers

You may have noticed AnimeChicago.com slowly transforming week by week. After evaluating the needs of anime fans across Chicago, we’ve been chipping away at styling, functionality, and performance issues to bring you the best news experience for any device. The site is now fully responsive so check it out on your smartphone or tablet!

These upgrades come with tough choices. Our goal for AnimeChicago.com is to provide a fast, reliable, well-crafted site that brings you Chicago’s best anime news. But we noticed load times reached up to 6 seconds per page. How frustrating! Therefore we have removed Facebook comments across the site and have seen significant gains in speed. Comments do not contribute to the website’s primary goal and they aren’t actively used, so it’s unlikely we’ll seek alternatives. But no worries, the Facebook page is still available to chat with your fellow fans!

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