20211020 Anthology Hero


Wild Monsters

AnimeChicago proudly presents Summer 2021 Anthology: Wild Monsters, published as a digital gallery for public viewing. Each piece includes an artist’s statement that provides context into their creation. We hope you enjoy the work and consider joining us for a future Art Circle to create alongside us.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Art Circle Artists!

The Cryptid Journalist

by Tim Swast

“Monsters have a bad reputation, but they are just trying to live their lives like everyone else. Maybe if I share photos of them in their natural environment, people will understand?

“This animation was programmed using PICO-8.”

Bloodgray Wolf

by Trey Rachal

“It’s a wolf monster that eats people.”


by Jae Lu

“I am aware this appears like it’s inspired by “The Scream”, but I was thinking of a banshee for the anthology. My reference was a close-up of my child’s open mouth.”

Beyond the Trees

by Jeremy Podczerwinski

“I tried to imagine what a squirrel might feel like when something like a cat creeps by while foraging, coupled with a little bit of fantasy. Does the squirrel see itself as a warrior, or are we seeing a tale from a far off land?”


by Mike G

Edible Cobwebs

by Robin Humer

“This particular wild monster crawls out at night to consume old cobwebs, but its monstrous appetite doesn’t allow discrimination between snacks. Be careful not to get in the way.”