20220726 art anthology


Cover Image

AnimeChicago proudly presents Spring 2022 Anthology: Cover Image published as a digital gallery for public viewing. This Anthology theme was selected to help showcase the artists who participate in Art Circle and help promote the group to newcomers. Each piece includes an artist’s statement that provides context into their creation. We hope you enjoy the work and consider joining us for a future Art Circle to create alongside us.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Art Circle Artists!

art on the lake by jeremy podczerwinski

Art on the Lake

by Jeremy Podczerwinski

“For this Anthology, I wanted to feature AnimeChicago’s mascots, Windy and Chilly as if they were a part of Art Circle. So I incorporated both illustration and modeling, just two of the activities our group participate in. Chilly is drawing the skyline from the lake, while Windy, a mech pilot, is working on a model of AnimeChicago’s bot. Fitting, right?”

A “Chilly” Lakefront Welcome

by Kat DuWaldt (@Yamcans)

“Decided to use AnimeChicago’s Chilly mascot as the subject, and brought in Chicago’s perfect skyline as a backdrop. For the rest – I wanted to make it to look slick, cool, and polished. Like something you’d see within the pages of a mid-00s NewType magazine!”

a chilly lakefront welcome by kat jay
paper pond by jae lu

Paper Pond

by Jae Lu

“I tried to learn how to fold a few origami shapes, one of them being a simple lotus flower. The photo was taken in the early evening on a glass table, using an iPhone and minimally edited.”

Durger the Red Beasty

by Trey R

“This is a cover for AnimeChicago.”

durger the red beasty by trey rachal