20210709 Anthology Hero


Summer Festival

AnimeChicago proudly presents Spring 2021 Anthology: Summer Festival, published as a digital gallery for public viewing. Each piece includes an artist’s statement that provides context into their creation. We hope you enjoy the work and consider joining us for a future Art Circle to create alongside us.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Art Circle Artists!

The Legend of Dango: A Bite That’s a Blast

by Tim Swast

“As you wander the summer festival, a particular food stall catches your eye. The vendor quickly rotates what appear to be fluffy marshmallows around a wood fire. You order one, and he adds another to the circle. A few minutes later, he hands you a stick with three roasted rice balls. As you take a bite, you savor the taste and texture. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. The char adds a bit of smokey umami flavor. The texture is the most surprising. It’s fluffy with a nice chew that stretches a bit like taffy.”


by Jae L

“Summer festival makes me think of street fairs and the many treats you can purchase and enjoy there, something we haven’t been able to do for over eighteen months now. This simple digital drawing depicts an imaginary street fair with booths, some attendees in cultural garb, and a child enjoying strawberry ice cream on a cone.”

summer festival with Monsters eating dangos by the shrine building

by Trey Rachal

“It is a depiction of monsters holding dango and about to eat them while gathering together near a Japanese shrine building.”

Ring Colony Festival

by Jeremy Podczerwinski

“I wanted to do something of a mix between Chicago street fests and Japanese festivals, while taking place on a ring-shaped space colony. The structure above the festival is the outside of the ring and is red to mimic torii found in Japan. You can see a vast downtown in the background, which the festival grounds point to. Unfortunately, there’s less space for the outer space areas, so if i would do this again, I would try to alter the perspective.”


by Jamie Sanchez

“Chicago summers are all about food, drinks, and the lakefront. Inspired by the city’s many festivals and painted digitally with Procreate.”