Gm Actransformationsymposium2016 001
Gm Actransformationsymposium2016 001

What to Expect at this Weekend’s Symposium

This Saturday at the Japan Information Center, AnimeChicago is hosting its second Symposium, with the theme being transformation of both the body and the mind, in anime and manga. If you’re still on the fence about attending or just curious about what will be discussed, this article is here to give you a quick overview of the event, the speakers, and the talks to be given.

Tickets are available on EventBrite!

The first half of the symposium will focus on outward transformations. Our first speaker will be AnimeChicago member Ruben Rosario with a presentation on transformation sequences found in anime and a discussion of the visual elements that these scenes possess. Ruben, with a background in film theory, is sure to entertain with fantastic insight into how scenes are formed.

Next up, Lindsay Stevens from Arda Wigs will give a talk titled “Can I be Sailor Venus? A Brief Introduction to Race and Cosplay.” Lindsay graduated from the University of Missouri with a BA in English and minor in French. She also put out a video on pop culture on Youtube that’s been written about by IndieWire, Gorilla Feminism and many others.

Then, AnimeChicago team member Shaun Kelly will present an analysis of how Kill la Kill uses transformation sequences to both empower and subjugate its female characters.

Closing out the first half, the floor will be opened up to a discussion on cosplay, gender and performance. Attendees are encouraged to share their own feelings and opinions on cosplay on both a broad and personal level.

After a brief intermission, Ruben will begin the second half of the symposium, this time focusing on inward transformation and giving a brief look at scenes where something has changed emotionally in a characters.

In our second long-form talk, Benjamin Edmonds will present “Nostalgia, Yearning, Anxiety, and Fear: Contemporary Japanese Narratives of Rural Decline and Extinction.” Benjamin holds an AB and JD from The University of Chicago and has been interviewed by many news outlets.

A short Q&A will follow Benjamin’s talk, allowing guests the opportunity to ask any burning question they might have.

For the final portion of the day’s events, AnimeChicago founder and president Jamie Sanchez will expand the day’s discussion and explore how anime and manga has transformed its fans, especially those in AnimeChicago.

Throughout the event, light snacks, soft drinks and beer will be available, with the beer specifically brewed for this event by local homebrewers.

Tickets available for $5!

Saturday, April 2nd
3pm Talks · 7pm After Party

Japan Information Center
737 N Michigan Ave #1000, Chicago, IL 60611