Uniqlo: Chicago Flagship Rendering
Uniqlo: Chicago Flagship Rendering

Chicago’s own UNIQLO Opening on Friday Oct 23

In case you’ve missed my previous posts, I’m a bit of a UNIQLO fan. I’ve worn a variety of UNIQLO pants exclusively for the last year and a half, and you’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands.

Chicago’s flagship is opening next Friday and I am so jazzed!

The clothing line lands somewhere beyond Gap and H&M at Old Navy prices. But the quality… I can’t speak more highly of the durability of these clothes. My original pair of black jeans purchased during my 2011 Japan trip held up to regular wear over three years. I accidentally left them at Anime Central 2013 and took a special two hour journey to reclaim them. That’s how much I love these pants.

Needless to say, their style won’t appeal to everyone. But UNIQLO taps into today’s Japanese pop culture trends. The company has collaborated with a number of top brands and artists over the years producing anime-inspired fashion lines and events. While the US online store has been open for some time, the grand opening is worth checking out. The more support we show Japanese companies here in Chicago, the greater our chances of other businesses setting up shop in the future. See the recent ramen boom for proof.

I’ll see you at the grand opening on Friday, October 23rd. Until then, read more about the flagship store and the company’s international expansion.