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AnimeChicago’s 6th Anniversary!

AnimeChicago Board Members: Sushi Lunch Summer 2012

For those who may not know, I’m Jamie, publisher and organizer of this very website. Six years ago, local anime clubs and related organizations appeared to live in total isolation, often missing out on quality anime and Japanese culture events. No public bulletin boards. No local event calendar. No dialogue. And so I registered AnimeChicago.com in 2006 and studied WordPress hoping to make a difference.

These six years have taught me a lot about web development, journalism, leadership, and maturing with a fandom. It has also reaffirmed Chicago’s greatness. We’re part of a world-wide subculture of passionate fans and we can celebrate in our own backyard! I’m proud of what our local organizations accomplish. I’m excited for what we have in store as a club. But mostly, I’m honored by all the fans who consider AnimeChicago.com their trusted news source and community.

Thanks to everyone for making AnimeChicago the success it is today!

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