Anime Gamers Station At Acen 2012
Anime Gamers Station At Acen 2012

Anime Gamers Station

AnimeChicago’s Spotlight interview series highlights local organization leaders, artists and personalities. We’re chatting with Miguel Zambrano, president of Anime Gamer Station, a Chicago-based Internet radio station for the anime and gamer fan. This radio show does have adult humour, and is not recommended for young listeners.

AC: Why did you create a station devoted to the anime and gamer fan?
MZ: I was inspired to create it after doing podcasts for the anime club at my college. As an avid fan of anime I just noticed that the Chicago anime scene has grown. I noticed that there’s all kinds of events going on around Chicago but there isn’t one place that you can go to get this info everything is kinda scattered all over the Internet. At the moment, all I want to be able to do is bring anime fans from the Chicagoland area closer by giving a place where they can, not only get their info, but also listen to music they like and people just like them crack jokes and talk about what they’re interested in.

AC: How many are part of the AGS team?
MZ: I have a crew of ten people and all of them are into gaming and anime. That includes everyone from hosts, to tech, and even Josh, the station owner, is a fan of both.

AC: What was your biggest hurdle when establishing AGS?
MZ: Well, I have to say finding reliable people who are willing to do research, make playlists, advertise, and actually invest their time in this. I have had the chance to work with friends and, while it can be a great experience, its not always the best move to let just anyone join. Being a member of the AGS is such a serious thing that every candidate must pass evaluations and, it is hard work, but the rewards are worth it.

AC: How do you pick content and manage the DJ schedule?
MZ: The great thing about our content is that under the umbrella of anime and gaming we have so many topics to choose from. We talk about everything and anything that is related to those topics so its not hard to make shows. With so many subcultures surrounding anime and gaming there is always something new to talk about or revisit. The schedule is pretty simple we have a different DJ each week and once we go through the roster we rotate from the beginning.

AC: Do you have a favorite broadcast to date?
MZ: I have to say that I really love every episode that I get to be on its a lot of fun. But yes, I have to say though that my favorite episode has to be the after ACEN show. It was just so funny and really informative about the con. As far as programming goes, I want to inform my listeners but I dont want to bore them to death with info either, so this show was definitely the funniest one that I don’t think anyone could listen and not laugh.

AC: What advice would you give to other anime fans looking to start their own radio project.
MZ:  Really do your research on what you want to accomplish with your show. There are so many questions that you have to ask yourself. How long are you willing to do this for? Will you and your crew be committed to your goals? Do you plan to podcast or become your own Internet Radio Station? As far as advice goes, it doesn’t hurt to invest in your future and maybe go to broadcasting school. If you believe that this is a career and project you want to see grow, then surround yourselves with people who will help you advance your vision.

AC: How do we tune in?
MZ: Go to on Thursdays from 6pm — 8pm. Click on the “Listen Live” tab for AGS Radio. If you want to listen to our old recordings, you can search for Anime Gamers Station on Or you can click the archives tab on the website. The radio station has changed streaming websites so our more current work is on Spreaker.

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