Azumanga Daioh: Celebration
Azumanga Daioh: Celebration

2012 Annual Report: An Awesome Year!

Another year has come and gone, and our small journalism project has grown into a full-scale social organization! Check out our accomplishments and aspirations to date:

We have Board Members!
Our core members have become a great group of friends and I want to personally thank them for their efforts on promotion, brainstorming, and volunteering for our organization. 2012 would not have been such a success without these awesome people.

On the Web
Since the website was reverted back to a journalism-oriented format in March, traffic increased by 200%! Visitors are checking more frequently, and more people are finding the site through SEO efforts. Though we’re facing a glitch in Facebook comments integration and cross-posting (to be resolved in January), the Facebook Page exceeded 500 likes this past month. Let’s brake 1,000 in 2013!

Round Table Discussions
Regular meetings started in May with the monthly discussion series dubbed “Round Table.” It’s some of the most fascinating academic discussion on anime I’ve heard to date. There’s an average of 6–11 attendees per meeting and it’s attracted roughly 40 individuals overall. Thanks to all who have attended, to our venue, Next Door Cafe, and to this past year’s moderators: Neil, Brent, Mordion and Galen. We’re looking to improve upon this format and hold more frequent meetings going forward.

Spotlight Interviews
Chicago has many talented and dedicated anime fans who are doing their own exceptional thing. Spotlight is a bi-weekly series that highlights these people and their projects for the general public. Many thanks to the interviewees of 2012! We look forward getting back to our regularly scheduled posts this coming Sunday.

Plans for 2013

  • Meetups – Our next big step is to host larger public meetings starting with January’s Mini Manga Jam! Workshops, screenings, lectures, town halls, outings and more are on their way every month.
  • Liason Program – Board members are reaching out to Chicago’s clubs and organizations to build a stronger local anime community through cross-promotion and collaboration.
  • Press Program – We’re expanding our news coverage of local events by assembling dedicated press teams for interviews, photo galleries, and even video coverage!
  • Revenue Opportunities – To fund these new endeavors, we’ll be partnering with anime-related vendors through affiliate programs, discount opportunities, and other AnimeChicago exclusives.

It really is an exciting time to make a difference in Chicago’s anime scene. 2012 brought many new friends, newcomers, and new opportunities. A very special thanks to Brent of Anime Trivia Trap, Bal of Chicago’s Nerf scene, Jen of JAPC, members of Chicago Nerd Social Club, and Lauren of Geek Girl Chicago. I am truly grateful for the efforts and enthusiasm of our local and global anime and nerd community. We may not have an anime store, but we can do without!

Looking to get involved in 2013? Contact us!