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Manga Circle

A book club for manga

Manga Circle takes you through the unbelievably vast world of Japanese comics. There’s so many genres and so much artistic creativity to enjoy that the options are near endless. Each month, we read and discuss a selected work – discussing the art, the story and the motivation behind it all. You’ll never know what we’ll explore next.

Book club format

Please enjoy the selected manga beforehand. There will be spoilers!

No prior experience necessary!

We’re often surprised by new attendees who offer amazing insights that others might not have thought of.

Short to medium-length works

Occasionally, we will read only a portion of a longer manga series, such as the first 3 volumes of One Piece. Selected works are available at a discount at Challengers Comics.

Further Information

  • Manga Circle usually meets on the second Sunday of every month from 2:00 to 4:00.
  • Manga Circle meetings are usually held at a private coworking space, for an intimate discussion. Please be respectful of the renters and the surroundings.

About the Format

  • Manga Circle discussions are headed by a moderator, who’s there to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak, while also guiding the conversation along.
  • While it’s not always possible, we like to keep the conversation to one speaker at a time, to make sure everyone is heard.
  • The moderator may have some pre-written questions about the work, but ultimately the conversation is up to you, the attend

About Our Selections

  • Since Manga Circle acts like a book club, most of the selected works are shorter in nature, so that more people have the opportunity to read it and be involved.
  • Unfortunately, long-running series are difficult to discuss – if only because of the time it takes to catch up.
  • Got a manga series you’d love to talk about? Let us know! Before you do though, please review the list below of manga we’ve already discussed. With all the great manga out there to discuss, we probably can’t revisit a work.