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Anime Sampler

A party to watch the latest anime from Japan.

Anime Sampler provides the perfect opportunity to check out the newest season together, from the much-hyped series to the lesser-known titles, we hope you walk away with at least one show on your watchlist.


VIP Members Only. This is our fundraiser event to pay for our operational costs. A $12 donation will grant you a year-long VIP membership with access to 4 Anime Samplers.


Can’t make it? Update your RSVP ASAP. Capacity for Anime Sampler is small, so if you can’t make the meetup, please let us know so that others may join in.


Food and beverages welcome. Anime Samplers are a potluck, so please bring any snacks, drinks and food you’re willing to share with the group. Everything’s better with food!

General Info

  • Meets one Saturday each quarter at the start of the new season from 2:00 to 7:00.
  • Anime Sampler meetups are usually held at a private coworking space. Please be respectful of the renters and the surroundings. Sinks, restrooms and beverage vending machines are located in common areas throughout the facility. Office dogs are friendly to guests but not so great for those with allergies.

The Anime Sampler Format

  • We watch the first episode of a handful of shows from the new season.
  • The Anime Sampler is usually broken into two halves, with a bit of time in between for people to grab food or to just mingle.
  • Viewers can down vote on the current show if it’s not to their liking. This means we’re only watching titles that are interesting for everyone!