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Anime Circle

A book club for anime.

Are the characters in your name. portrayed realistically? Does the art style in Ping Pong The Animation help or hinder the story? What can Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex teach us about the modern Japanese political climate? These are just some of the questions we try to answer at Anime Circle. We look at a selected anime series or film from all kinds of angles in an open and inclusive environment in an attempt to leave with deeper understanding and greater appreciation.


Please enjoy the selected anime series or film beforehand. Due to time constraints, we don’t watch the selected work at the meeting.


No prior experience necessary! We’re often surprised by new attendees who offer amazing insights that others might not have thought of.


Participate at your own pace. Some people love to gush about a selected work, while others like to make only a few, but very poignant statements. Either is great! We love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

General Info

  • Anime Circle usually meets the last Wednesday of every month, from 6:30 to 8:30.
  • Anime Circle meetings are usually held at cafes and bars, so there might be a bit of background noise. We try to keep the discussions as private as we can.

The Anime Circle Format

  • Anime Circle discussions are headed by a moderator who makes sure that everyone has an opportunity to speak and also guides the conversation along.
  • While it’s not always possible, we like to keep the conversation to one speaker at a time, to make sure everyone is heard.
  • The moderator may have some pre-written questions about the work, but ultimately the conversation is up to you, the attendee.

About Our Selections

  • We select the kinds of series and films that could win (or already have won) Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year Award.
  • Sometimes, we’ll reach into the past to dig up some critically-acclaimed series that people might have missed. Sometimes, we’ll discuss a well-received fan favorite. All the time, we look for works that will keep the conversation lively for a few hours.
  • Selections are usually a movie or 1-2 seasons so that everyone has time to watch.
  • We will take any suggestion into consideration. We only ask that you review the list below for works we’ve already discussed. It doesn’t mean we won’t discuss them again in the future, but we want give it some time before we do. Let us know what our next series or film should be!


Past Meetups

# Title Date
5 Baccano! October 24, 2013
4 Haibane Renmei September 26, 2013
3 Satoshi Kon Retrospective August 22, 2013
2 Summer Wars July 25, 2018
1 FLCL June 27, 2018