start|What kind of anime are you looking for?|[I’m new, give me an introduction:intro][Something ambitious:ambitious][Something fun:fun] intro|How much time ya got?|[I’ve got a couple hours:hours][I could use a weekend binge:binge] hours|It's movie night! What are we watching?|[Something for the family:family][Young romance:yourname][Action, with a side of environmentalism:envaction][Pure cyberpunk:cyberpunk][Bend my brain:bend] family|Fluffy animals or weird spirits?|[Fluffy animals:totoro][Weird spirits:spirited] envaction|When's this action happening?|[Feudal Japan:monohime][The far future:nausicaa] cyberpunk|What's cooler?|[Cyborgs and Tanks:gits][Motorcycles and Lazers:akira] bend|How dark are you willing to go?|[Not at all, thank you very much:milact][Maybe a nightmare or two:paprika][Total eclipse:perblue] binge|What would you like to see?|[Humanity's seedy underbelly:seedy][My sides splitting:splitting][A bit of insanity:insanity][Something with heart:bittersweet][Anime's smash hits:tophits] seedy|Do you need a ragtag group of misfits just on the outside of the law?|[Of course I do!:ragtag][Nah, let's just get to the crimes:vice] ragtag|Where are you at?|[Present day:blagoon][A city on Mars:bebop][Cyberpunk Japan:akudama][Some hellhole with sorcerers and lizards?:dorohedoro] vice|What's your vice?|[Gambling:kaijiult][Fight fixing:megalobox][Running scams:pretend][Espionage:jokergame][Just good old fashioned organized crime:91days] splitting|Where's the wackiness at?|[A college drinking party:grandblue][A workplace full of animals:aggretsuko][Space Hooters:dandy] insanity|What are your thoughts on punching?|[Favorable:punch][Let's hit people with guitars instead:flcl] punch|What needs to be punched?|[Supervillians:opm][Ghosts, and sometimes people:mob] bittersweet|The feels should be based on…|[Familial ties:fmabro][Letting go and moving on:evergarden] tophits|What are we fighting against?|[Supervillians:bnha][Demons:demonslayer][Curses:jjk][The Uncanny Valley:aot] ambitious|What kind of ambitous?|[Intense:intense][Calm:calm] intense|Something with mass appeal or something deep?|[Mass appeal:mainstream][Solid science fiction:scifi][Substance:substance] mainstream|Pick a main theme?|[Crime drama mindgames with the Grim Reaper:deathnote][Aliens:parasyte][Terrorism:terror][Hunger Games:futurediary] scifi|Genre?|[Time travel experiment:steins][Psychological police dystopia:psychopass] substance|What kind of theme?|[Gambling:zawa][Crime drama:monster][My body is ready! Show me the deepest darkness.:darkness] zawa|How do you want your zawa?|[Spicy, edge-of-your-seat zawa:kaiji][Baseball zawa:oneouts] darkness|How do you want to crush your own soul?|[With cute magical girls:madoka][With giant robots:eva] calm|And by "drama" you mean…|[FEELS:feels][A serious story:serious] feels|What kind of feels?|[Happy, fluffy, and cute?:ptsd][Warm and bittersweet:iroha][I've got tissues:buildup] buildup|Are you ready for a slow buildup?|[Something shorter, please:angelbeats][A bit:grief][Bring it:clannad] grief|What kind of grief do you want the characters to overcome?|[Kids reuniting years after the death of a childhood friend:anohana][Young pianist struggling after losing his mother:lie] serious|Genre?|[Road trip:road][Post-apocalyptic rural utopia:yori][Science fiction:depth] road|Setting?|[Medieval Europe and its economy:spice][Rural Japan and spirit stuff:mushishi] depth|How deep do we go?|[Hard existential sci-fi:ergo][Old sci-fi space opera epic:lotgh][Life of space garbage collectors:planetes] fun|What kind of fun?|[Comedy:comedy][PURE FUN:purefun][Action:action] comedy|What kind of comedy?|[Daily Life:daily][Parody:parody][Romantic:romantic] daily|In which setting?|[School:school][Office:office] school|Which one?|["Ordinary" school life:nichijou][From the teacher's perspective:gto][Boys being boys:dailylives] office|Working in…|[Futuristic Venice:aria][Animation studio:shirobako][McDonald's:parttimer][A Tokyo highrise:wotakoi] parody|A parody of…|[Romances:nozaki][Action series:gintama][Anime cliches:haruhi] romantic|What kind of romantic theme?|[For starters:toradora][Music:nana][Sitcom:nisekoi][Sports:crossgame] purefun|Are you ready to set critical thinking aside?|[Not entirely:flcl][HELL YEAH:killlakill][Eyegasm:nogame][Kick Ass:flamenco][Zombie Apocalypse:hsdead] action|Does the series need to have an ending?|[Yes, I want a proper end:complete][No, it doesn't matter:openend] complete|Do you like giant robots?|[HELL YEAH!:lagaan][Yes, but smart:geass][Yes, but new:sidonia][Let's try it:eureka7][How about cyborgs instead?:gitssac][No:norobo] norobo|Action or adventure?|[Supernatural battles:mahou][Both!:fmabro][Road trip adventure:journey] mahou|With magic?|[Classic fantasy:slayers][Modern:tempest][Epic fights:fate0][Vampires:hellsingu] journey|Theme?|[Space opera jazz:bebop][Hip-hop samurai:champloo][30's Chicago:baccano][Mechas:eureka7] openend|What if it's good, but will probably never be completed?|[I'll pass:eps][I'll carry that weight:protag] eps|How many episodes?|[A few:few][…Two?:bahamut][Hundreds!:hundreds] few|Genre?|[Immersive video games:mmo][Big city life:bigcity][Sports!:sports][Fantasy action adventure:fanactadv] hundreds|What do you want to watch?|[Unfinished greatness:hxh][Pirates:op][Magical Girls:precure][Mechas:gundam] protag|Which kind of a protagonist would you prefer?|[A bright-eyed young boy with a fishing rod:hxh][A jaded gruff man with a giant sword:berserk][A family of related protagonists, one per season:jojo][A burly boy struggling to win against his very burly dad:baki] mmo|What kind of MMO would you play?|[The popular one with lots of servers:sao][The quiet one with deep systems:log] bigcity|What drives your plot?|[Mystery, curses, and romance:bakemonogatari][Gang wars:drrr] sports|How old school do you want it?|[Recent:favsport1][Old school:favsport2] favsport1|What's your favorite sport?|[Ping Pong:pingpong][Baseball:ace][Swimming:free][Volleyball:haikyuu] favsport1|What's your favorite sport?|[Boxing:ippo][Basketball:slamdunk] fanactadv|Theme?|[Bounty hunters, angels, and demons:bahamut][Djinns and mages:magi][Dragons, adventure, and romance:yona][Despair and carnivorous giants:aot] 91days|You should watch 91 Days|description ace|You should watch Ace of Diamond|description aggretsuko|You should watch Aggretsuko|description akira|You should watch Akira|description akudama|You should watch Akudama Drive|description angelbeats|You should watch Angel Beats|description anohana|You should watch Anohana|description aot|You should watch Attack on Titan|description aria|You should watch Aria|description baccano|You should watch Baccano!|description bahamut|You should watch Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis|description bakemonogatari|You should watch Bakemonogatari|description baki|You should watch Baki|description bebop|You should watch Cowboy Bebop|description|24 berserk|You should watch Berserk|description blagoon|You should watch Black Lagoon|description bnha|You should watch My Hero Academia|description champloo|You should watch Samurai Champloo|description clannad|You should watch Clannad|description crossgame|You should watch Cross Game|description dailylives|You should watch The Daily Lives of High School Boys|description dandy|You should watch Space Dandy|description deathnote|You should watch Death Note|description demonslayer|You should watch Demon Slayer|description dorohedoro|You should watch Dorohedoro|description drrr|You should watch Durarara!|description ergo|You should watch Ergo Proxy|description eureka7|You should watch Eureka Seven|description eva|You should watch Neon Genesis Evangelion|description evergarden|You should watch Violet Evergarden|description fate0|You should watch Fate/Zero|description flamenco|You should watch Samurai Flamenco|description flcl|You should watch FLCL!|description fmabro|You should watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood|description free|You should watch Free!|description futurediary|You should watch Future Diary|description geass|You should watch Code Geass|description gits|You should watch Ghost in the Shell|description gitssac|You should watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex|description grandblue|You should watch Grand Blue|description gto|You should watch Great Teacher Onizuka|description gundam|You should watch Gundam|description gurlag|You should watch Gurren Lagann|description haikyuu|You should watch Haikyuu|description haruhi|You should watch The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya|description hellsing|You should watch Hellsing Ultimate|description hsdead|You should watch Highschool of the Dead|description hxh|You should watch Hunter x Hunter|description ippo|You should watch Hajime no Ippo|description iroha|You should watch Hanasaku Iroha|description jjk|You should watch Jujutsu Kaisen|description jojo|You should watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure|description jokergame|You should watch Joker Game|description kaiji|You should watch Kaiji|description kaijiult|You should watch Kaiji Ultimate Survivor|description killlakill|You should watch Kill la Kill|description kon|You should watch K-On!|description lie|You should watch Your Lie in April|description log|You should watch Log Horizon|description lotgh|You should watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes|description madoka|You should watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica|description magi|You should watch Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic|description megalobox|You should watch Megalobox|description milact|You should watch Millennium Actress|description mob|You should watch Mob Psycho 100|description monohime|You should watch Princess Mononoke|description monster|You should watch Monster|description mushishi|You should watch Mushishi|description nana|You should watch Nana|description nausicaa|You should watch Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind|description nichijou|You should watch Nichijou|description nogame|You should watch No Game No Life|description nozaki|You should watch Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun|description nisekoi|You should watch Nisekoi|description oneouts|You should watch One Outs|description op|You should watch One Piece|description opm|You should watch One Punch Man|description paprika|You should watch Paprika|description parasyte|You should watch Parasyte|description parttimer|You should watch The Devil is a Part-Timer!!|description perblue|You should watch Perfect Blue|description pingpong|You should watch Ping Pong the Animation|description planetes|You should watch Planetes|description precure|You should watch Pretty Cure|description pretend|You should watch Great Pretender|description psychopass|You should watch Psycho-Pass|description sao|You should watch Sword Art Online|description shinsekaiyori|You should watch Shinsekai Yori|description shirobako|You should watch Shirobako|description sidonia|You should watch Knights of Sidonia|description slamdunk|You should watch Slam Dunk|description slayers|You should watch Slayers|description spice|You should watch Spice and Wolf|description spirited|You should watch Spirited Away|description steins|You should watch Steins;gate|description tempest|You should watch Blast of Tempest|description terror|You should watch Terror in Resonance|description toradora|You should watch Toradora|description totoro|You should watch My Neighbor Totoro|description|1 wotakoi|You should watch Wotakoi|description yona|You should watch Akatsuki no Yona|description yourname|You should watch Your Name|description yuuki|You should watch Yuuki Yuuna|description
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