Anime Central 2015: Scandal

Join us at Anime Central 2015!

The Midwest’s largest anime convention is coming up in only two weeks! We have a ton of things going on all weekend, and we hope you can join us for some of it!

Join us for #AnimeChicagoHunt to win awesome prizes!
We’ll be posting clues, convention highlights, spontaneous challenges, and random meetup opportunities all four days of the convention. You’ll be using your smartphone to take photos, send replies, and look up hints online to find hidden Geocaches.

Thu 9:30pm–10:30pm: Johann Sebastian Joust
JS Joust is a multiplayer indie game that requires no screen. We’re bringing it to the Hyatt lobby on Thursday night. Come play a few rounds! It’s also a lot of fun to watch, so you can also meet and spectate with fellow AnimeChicago members. See you then!

Fri 6pm–8:30pm: Games Meetup
Hang out with fellow AnimeChicago members and the Chicago Japanese Language Meetup Group (CJLM) for fun and games! We’ll play fan-favorites like The Resistance and Cards Against Humanity as well as Anime Tropology, an AnimeChicago exclusive. CJLM will teach you some phrases you can say while playing games – maybe even how to heckle the other players in Japanese! They’ll be there to answer any questions, to the best of their abilities, about the Japanese language. Find us in the ACen tabletop game room (typically located in the Hyatt.)

Sat 10:30am–11:30am: Cowboy Bebop Round Table
Haven’t tried one of our Round Table discussions before? We’re hosting one on Cowboy Bebop. Come by with a friend and/or coffee and meet us for an in-depth discussion on this anime classic. Afterwards, feel free to grab lunch and nerd out with fellow members.

See you at ACen!