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Mundane Costumes, EVA Typefaces & More


Japan’s Jimi “Mundane” Halloween Contest of 2019 via Spoon & Tamago
Tired of traditional anime and video game cosplay? “Jimi Costumes” let you crank life’s most boring aspects to ELEVEN. Give it up for “woman who forgot to take out the trash” cosplay for hauling her actual garbage around all night.

Neon Genesis Evangelion via Fonts In Use
Set aside 20 minutes for this visual deep-dive into the typography and supporting design systems of the NGE franchise. *chef’s kiss emoji*

Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Power of Conscious Breathing via Manga Therapy
We were pleased Demon Slayer’s themes of patience, practice, and persistence. Multiple studies have demonstrated meditation and breathing exercises increase focus and decrease anxiety. This article sums it up nicely.

What We Owe to Creators: Burnout in manga artists and how to prevent it via Anime Feminist
The constraints of the serialized publishing industry have produced decades of unreasonable strain on manga creators. Read about these harmful conditions and ways you can help.

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