Anime Central 2010

Join Us at Anime Central 2010

It’s ACen week! We’ll be reporting from the Midwest’s largest anime convention through the power of the internet. This is the thirteenth annual Anime Central convention. Last year’s attendance exceeded 17,000 and the event added three new hotels, so this may be overwhelming regardless of staying in a room or commuting. To plan ahead of time, ACen posted the full schedule and crafted some awesome planning and mobile tools! You can also follow Anime Central on Twitter for schedule changes and cancellations throughout the weekend.

Stay updated with AnimeChicago

While ACen has convention operations covered, we’ll be reporting the experience itself with attendee interviews, photo galleries and exclusive guest events! How can you stay current?

  • Follow AnimeChicago on Twitter and enable device updates to get news as it’s published.
  • Check and comment on the live blog, where the tweets will be double-posted and archived for optimized viewing.
  • Keep an eye out for our camera crew… footage filmed at the convention will be featured in our recap montage in June!
  • Check out the Anime Fandom in Chicagoland panel! I’ll be wrapping things up with Jen of JAPC with a one-hour panel on Sunday morning, 10am in room DaVinci AB. We’ll be discussing the unique problems anime fans in this city encounter, and how we can use existing tools to connect and meet fellow anime and manga fans.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend! See you there!

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