Anime Central 2009

Anime Central 2009: About our Scavenger Hunt

Anime Central is only three days away and AnimeChicago will be there! In addition to live blogging the convention all weekend long, we’re hosting our first-ever Scavenger Hunt! We think this will be an excellent way for participants to explore the con, create some friendly competition, meet other subscribers and help get the word out about the site. We’re so excited!

Sign-up and mingling will begin at 11:00am on Saturday at the Hyatt lobby, 1st floor behind the elevators. We’ll have a maximum of 30 teams, either solo or two-person coop. The hunt officially begins at Noon and ends by 2pm. Whoever completes all 15 quests first will receive $50 in gift certificates! 2nd place will earn $30 and 3rd will win $10. There are no entry fees to participate, but you must provide your own digital camera and have enough memory for 20 photos at medium resolution.

Please email me,, for more details. If you choose not to participate, stop by anyway. We look forward to seeing you!

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