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Anime Central 2009: Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Presenting the results of our first ever scavenger hunt! First place was awarded ::drum roll:: to the lovely Cassandra Erchul & Yazmin Garcia! Here’s a sampling of 8 out of the required 15 photos they took within an hour and fifteen minutes of start time:

Second place went to Andrea Gersheny & Ellen Park for their valiant efforts, clocking in a mere five minutes later. And congrats to Tristan Johns & Mike Alty who clinched third place.

Thanks to all the brave adventurers that didn’t know what to expect, and we’re glad you had a great time. We know many of you weren’t able to participate or just couldn’t locate our headquarters, and we appreciate the effort on your behalf. It was very much a learning experience on our part and all of the constructive feedback will be taken into account on our next run in 2010. Hope to see you then!

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