ACen 09: Kirby

Anime Central 2009: Saturday Brief

9:13am – Things wrapped up nicely last night with Anime Hell, which had switched up much of the material since last year, thankfully. Today is already action-packed: Scavenger hunt sign/up begins at 11am at the tables behind the elevator in the first floor lobby.

11:33am – Sign-up is underway! We be starting the hunt at Noon. Also, props to Reg this year as many have mentioned they waited less than an hour for an at-con badge.

2:00pm – The hunt has officially ended. Thank you to all of the participants for a job well done. We hope you had fun! We’ll be posting the results in a couple of days, including photos from the winners.

9:10pm – Masquerade just ended and it sounded like a great performance! Of course, now it’s an absolute madhouse in the main programming hall and the rest of the lobby. Soap bubble will be underway shortly. Party all night! Be safe!

Stay tuned this weekend for more live updates throughout the weekend!

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