ACen 09: Crazy Packed Hallway Before Masquerade

Anime Central 2009: Friday Brief

10:13am – Wide awake and roaming the hotel. The cosplayers are out in full force. Three minutes out the door and I’ve already seen a Gendo!

12:49pm – Still trying to make my way to Opening Ceremonies. There’s an awesome Green Ranger around… I here the Masquerade will feature him and some antics.

3:08pm – The Dealer’s Room is very ecclectic this year, and features wider ailses. The Smash Bros. photoshoot attracted a nice crowd, including Kirby! The Rare Cosplay photoshoot sounds promising.

7:13pm – But no, it failed. There were many great cosplayers out today, but it appears to be winding down as more people change into street clothes. Looking forward to Anime Hell tonight!

7:18pm – And even though flu season is ending, remember to take some vitamins and drink lots of water to fight off con plague.

11:35pm – Attention all artists! Bring your sketchbook and markers to the 2nd floor looby by escalators and the check-in desk to join the Con Artists. They’ll be there all weekend!

Stay tuned for more live updates throughout the weekend!

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