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Drawing our Mascots

Here’s a simple outline of what they look like, personality traits, and other parameters that define their iconic look.

Codename: Windy

  • Profession: Mech Pilot
  • Traits: Magenta bob, 5’ 2” tall
  • Gear: Fully-operational mech
  • Fight Mode: Turquoise tunic, white leggings, two-dongle headband with six-point stars
  • Casual Mode: Modern asymmetric attire, single Chicago star hairpin on left side
  • Personality: Super positive, realistic, resourceful
  • Flaws: Overly boisterous when victorious
  • Loves: Huge festivals, meetups
  • Avoids: Spicy foods, gossip
  • Inspiration: Overwhelming stature of the Sears Tower
  • Yes: Haruhi Fujioka / Ouran Host Club
  • Yes: Kaname Chidori / Full Metal Panic
  • Yes: Akane Tsunemori / Psycho-Pass
  • Yes: Celty Sturluson / Durarara!!
  • No: Haruhara Haruko / FLCL
  • No: Mikasa Ackerman / Attack on Titan
  • No: Kusanagi Matoko / Ghost in the Shell
  • No: Fujiko Mine / Lupin III

Codename: Chilly

  • Profession: Samurai
  • Traits: Spiky ice blue pompadour, 6’ 2” tall
  • Gear: Futuristic katana, power boots
  • Fight Mode: Modern white kimono with ice blue accents
  • Casual Mode: White haori jacket, navy shirt, navy straight-leg pants, sandals
  • Personality: Quiet, reserved, calculating
  • Flaws: Doesn’t always understand satire or sarcasm
  • Loves: Eating all the foods, sailing on the lake
  • Avoids: Traffic, ketchup on hot dogs
  • Inspiration: Waves on Lake Michigan
  • Yes: Samurai Jack
  • Yes: Kenshin Himura / Rurouni Kenshin
  • Yes: Goemon Ishikawa XIII / Lupin III
  • Yes: Jin / Samurai Champloo
  • No: Mugen / Samurai Champloo
  • No: Okamoto Katushiro / Samurai 7
  • No: Zoro / One Piece
  • No: Vicious / Cowboy Bebop

Codename: ?

  • Profession: Ninja
  • Traits: Charcoal hair in dreadlocks, 5’ 8” tall
  • Gear: High-tech ninja tools
  • Fight Mode: Standard ninja attire with lime green accents
  • Casual Mode: All-black athletic clothes with lime green sneakers and accents
  • Personality: Goofy, playful, thrill-seeking
  • Flaws: Fumbles a lot due to confidence issues
  • Loves: Attending music shows and performances off-the-beaten path
  • Avoids: Crowded events, tough emotions
  • Inspiration: Wild onions of pre-Chicago wetland
  • Yes: Darui / Naruto
  • Yes: Midoriya Izuku / Boku no Hero Academia
  • Yes: Patrick Spencer / Eyeshield 21
  • No: Uzumaki Naruto / Naruto
  • No: Uchiha Sasuke / Naruto
  • No: Monkey D. Luffy / One Piece

Draw something cool? Send it to us!

We would love to see it and maybe feature it on our website or in a future publication.