Wizard World Chicago

Wizard World 2014

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Even though Anime Central and other cons have come and gone, there’s still plenty of convention action to be had around the city.…

Mitchiko to Hatchin

Round Table #27: Mitchiko & Hatchin

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In the midst of working on Samurai Champloo, Sayo Yamamoto was offered the opportunity to direct a TV series with full creative control.…

Jamie Hosting a Panel

Anime 101 at Learnapalooza

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New to anime? Like Sailor Moon or Gundam but unsure of what to try next? Can’t differentiate otaku from hikikomori? AnimeChicago is teaching a free class at Learnapalooza, a local non-profit…

Attack on Titan Fan Short

Call for Attack on Titan Cosplayers!

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Local studio Seth Deming Films is producing a live-action short. They’re big fans of the series and want to feature local Attack on Titan cosplayers in their film. The test…

Ginza Festival: Taiko

Ginza Festival 2014

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The Midwest Buddhist Temple in Old Town opens its doors every summer to Chicagoans interested in experiencing Japanese culture, arts, and cuisine. The 59th Annual Ginza Holiday…

Nakama Toys Opening

Nakama Toys Grand Opening

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Our friends at NakamaToys.com are opening a store in Logan Square on Saturday, July 19th! Come check out the space and partake in some refreshments. If cosplay’s your thing, Geek Girl Chicago will…

Wings of Honneamise

Round Table #26: Wings of Honneamise

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Join AnimeChicago on July 30th to discuss one of the most revered animated films from Japan. The first commercial release by Studio Gainax,…

Hetalia: America

Happy Fourth!

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AnimeChicago would like to thank all our members and followers for a fantastic first-half of 2014. Have a great celebration and happy Independence Day!

Sexy Voice and Robo

Manga Jam #9: Sexy Voice and Robo

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Manga Jam returns on the 4th Sunday of July – July 27th – for a discussion on Sexy Voice and Robo [セクシーボイスアンドロボ] by Iou Kuroda…

Anime Midwest Logo

Anime Midwest 2014

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Anime Midwest 2014 will take place July 4–6 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont. The convention is your standard small-con fare such as a masquerade, dealer’s…

Tekkonkinkreet OST by Plaid

Plaid at Lincoln Hall

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UK-based electronica band that wrote the score for the the soundtrack to anime film Tekkonkinkreet is playing in Chicago this week! For more…