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Caution Hand
· · Announcements

Writing the Unwritten Rules

In light of the upcoming convention season, AnimeChicago has been speaking more about the safety and comfort of our members at club-sanctioned events. Here’s one of a series of articles…

Corgi Simulator 2071: Title Screen
· · Beyond JRPGs

Game Jams are creative playgrounds

I’ve witnessed many indie game developers express their love of anime in recent months. Specifically, how anime influences their daily lives and therefore influences their creations. They tweet about what…

Wakako Zake Header
· · Humor

5 Great Bars in Anime

I’m certain you have seen at least one place in an anime series or movie where you thought, to quote Liz Lemon from 30 Rock, “I want to go to…

opm title
· · Reviews

One-Punch Man: A Brief History

With the autumn anime season wrapped up, one series making big waves is One-Punch Man; a story about a hero who has become too strong for his own good. The…

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