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Karina Pao Lin Nathan The Rising - Formal Wear

Gender Portrayals in Tiger & Bunny

**This essay contains spoilers for Tiger and Bunny as well as the movie Tiger and Bunny: The Rising** As much as Tiger and Bunny is a story about superheroes, it’s…

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Paranoia Agent

Round Table Round-Up: Paranoia Agent

Welcome to the first ever Round Table Round-Up, where we highlight topics and ideas discussed in a recent AnimeChicago Round Table. This article covers director Satoshi Kon’s television series Paranoia…

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Summer of Scandal

Summer of Scandal: Part 1

If you attended ACEN (Anime Central) over the Summer, you may have seen waves of con-goers proudly displaying shirts emblazoned with the letters S-C-A-N-D-A-L. In case you mistakenly thought that…

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