Cowboy Bebop: At the Bar

OTP: Cowboy Beerhop

Welcome to our new column OTP where we combine anime with amazing things! AnimeChicago member Jeremy P. has an exquisite palette for great beer and great anime. Here are his recommendations on what…

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Nakama Toys Grand Opening

Spotlight: Nakama Toys

AnimeChicago’s Spotlight interviews highlight local organization leaders, artists and personalities. We’re chatting Mary Warren, one-half of Nakama Toys, Chicago’s newest toy store featuring anime, video…

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Chicago シカゴ – A Short Film

Chicago シカゴ – A Short Film

Local filmmakers and Japanese culture enthusiasts are seeking financial contributions to finish their project. “シカゴ is a short film about a Japanese foreign exchange…

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Take the Bento Challenge

The art of a well-crafted lunchbox is greatly admired in Japan. This art is known as bento, and it requires 15 minutes of morning preparation…

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Attack on Titan Fan Short

Call for Attack on Titan Cosplayers!

Local studio Seth Deming Films is producing a live-action short. They’re big fans of the series and want to feature local Attack on Titan cosplayers in their film. The test…

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Hetalia: America

Happy Fourth!

AnimeChicago would like to thank all our members and followers for a fantastic first-half of 2014. Have a great celebration and happy Independence Day!

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Challengers Comics

Challengers Comics supports Manga Jam

AnimeChicago has a special discount with our sponsor Challengers Comics + Conversation for monthly Manga Jam selections! View our Meetup page for details. We highly recommend you check…

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Alternative Manga Panel Guide

Alternative Manga Panel Guide

“…in terms of popularity and sales, manga in America can be divided into Naruto and everything else. Aren’t most comics “alternative” to most…

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Chicago's Anime Scene

AnimeChicago at ACEN 2014

AnimeChicago will be making waves at this year’s Anime Central, where multiple board members will be hosting panel discussions all weekend. Join AnimeChicago…

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Claude Monet

Review: The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises review by Neil Clingerman Rating 10/10 (Masterpiece) “But he who knows the body, who knows life, also knows death. Except…

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